Wednesday, June 2, 2010

This week at Adams Avenue Farmer's Market

This market is getting better every week and it's still less than a month old. The fun, energetic vibe makes this a wonderful weekly event for vendors and patrons alike!

This Week's AAFM Selection

BUCHERON Soft-ripened French goat - try this tangy treat paired with Meyer Lemon Marmalade from Jackie's Jams!

PURPLE HAZE Soft chevre blended with lavender & fennel pollen (Arcata, CA)

TAUPINIERE w/HERBS Tangy chevre assortment with fresh herb, pepper & ash coating. Beautiful & tasty!

ARDRAHAN Nutty and pungent washed-rind cheese from the Emerald Isle. Guinness anyone?

GARROXTA Excellent Spanish goat with a suede-like natural rind. The mild goat flavors give way to a rich, creamy finish.

CARMODY Tangy and rich, semi-firm cow's milk cheese from Bellwether Farms (Petaluma, CA)

LAGREIN Customers call this Italian wine & garlic soaked treat "Salami Cheese". We just call it delicious.

FLOR de ESGUEVA One of the world's finest Manchegos, made from raw sheep's milk. Perfect for a summer picnic!

JUNI Tasty Italian cheese w/ crushed juniper berries. Perfect treat with a cool gin & tonic on a hot summer day!

PILOTA Luscious mixed-milk (sheep/cow) cheese from the French Pyrennees

QUEBEC 4YR VINTAGE CHEDDAR Extra-sharp Canadian cheddar with a dense, creamy texture.

UBRIACONE This wine-soaked & injected Italian cheese's name translates to "Great Big Drunk"

FOURME d'AMBERT Mild French blue with fruity flavors and a rich, salty finish. A cheese even non-blue lovers enjoy!

VALDEƓN Intense Spanish blue made from raw cow and goat milk, wrapped in sycamore leaves.
Adams Avenue Farmers Market
Every Wednesday 3-7pm
On 35th just south of Adams Ave (@Adams Elementary School)

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