Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Little Italy Mercato Selection - Saturday June 5th

This week stop by and sample a special selection of cheeses from our featured producer, Petaluma's Andante Dairy. In addition, BeemsterXO (everyone's favorite aged Gouda) is back in stock as well as a freshly split wheel of Parmigiano Reggiano.

Little Italy Mercato
Date Street-India to Columbia -North Side
Little Italy/Downtown San Diego
**2 HOURS FREE PARKING!** @ Washington Elementary (enter at Date/Union)

This Week's Mercato Selection

FRESH GIOIA BURRATA While they last...these sell out early! (El Monte, CA)
ANDANTE TRIO A triple crème w/crème fraiche, cow's milk & goat's milk (Petaluma, CA)
ANDANTE TOMME DOLCE Firm goat washed w/plum brandy (Petaluma, CA)
ANDANTE CAVATINA Soft-ripened goat encased in ash (Petaluma, CA)
PURPLE HAZE Soft chevre with lavender & fennel pollen (Arcata, CA)
COLOROUGE From MouCou Cheese Co., creamy washed-rind rounds (Ft Collins, CO)
BREBICET French rounds of soft-ripened sheep's milk
BAVARIAN LIMBURGER The artisan version of this classic is pungent and full of nutty flavor FLOR de ESGUEVA One of the world's finest Manchegos, made from raw sheep's milk
MAHON Semi-firm cheese aged 4mos from the Spanish island of Menorca
PARMIGIANO REGGIANO Real DOP Parm, just split this week. This is as fresh as it gets!
BEEMSTER XO Aged Dutch Gouda with great crystals & butterscotch flavors
QUEBEC 4YR VINTAGE CHEDDAR Extra-sharp Canadian cheddar with a dense, creamy texture.
PT REYES BLUE Raw milk blue from the San Francisco Bay Area (Pt Reyes Station, CA)
SHROPSHIRE BLUE Classic English Stilton with annatto added for color, from Long Clawson Dairy
SHREDDED BLEND Our tasty shredded blend of 20+ cheeses. Great for sandwiches, eggs & more!

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