Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Little Italy Mercato Selection - 5/22/10

Little Italy is where it's happening, every Saturday morning. We continue to be blown away by the crowds and the enthusiastic response we've had since launching last month. We love being out in the streets and look forward to seeing more of you each week. Check out all the great cheeses lined up for this week's Mercato including one of our all-time favorite American cheeses, Pleasant Ridge Reserve...

FRESH GIOIA BURRATA While they last…these sell out early! (El Monte, CA)
PIERRE ROBERT French triple crème from producer Rouzaire
HUMBOLDT FOG Artisan goat cheese from Cypress Grove (Arcata, CA)
PURPLE HAZE Soft chevre blended with lavender & fennel pollen (Arcata, CA)
CROTTIN d’CHAMPCOL Small rounds of goat cheese from France’s Loire Valley
CHAORCE Soft-ripened rounds made from pasteurized cow’s milk. Chalky & rich!
CAMEMBERT Perfectly ripe & stinky rounds from France’s Le Pommier
IDIAZABAL Smoky Spanish Basque cheese made from raw ewe’s milk
SALLY JACKSON RENATA Another incredible cheese from SJ! (Oroville, WA)
JP GRANDE REBLECHON A twist on the classic - firmer texture, terrific flavor
MIMOLETTE Resembles a cantaloupe, tastes mild and nutty with a rich finish
PLEASANT RIDGE RESERVE Award-winning Alpine style cheese (Dodgeville, WI)
EWEPHORIA Sheep’s milk Gouda, back by (very) popular demand!
BARELY BUZZED Rich cheddar hand-rubbed with coffee & lavender (Uintah, UT)
ROARING 40s BLUE Tangy Aussie blue, another customer fave.
OREGONZOLA From Rogue Creamery, lush blue with a nice bite (Salem, OR)
SHREDDED BLEND A shredded mix of 20+ different cheeses.
PEPPADEW South African sweet peppers. Try stuffing with Purple Haze!

See you at the Mercato!

Mary & George

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