Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Adams Avenue Farmer's Market Selection 6/30/10

This week at the Adams Avenue Market we'll be in our new location next to the info booth. We'll be bringing some tasty cheeses including last week's runaway all-star Noord Hollander. Come out and support this growing weekly market!
BUCHERON Tangy French goat encased in a soft, bloomy rind.

CABECOU FEUILLE Leaf-wrapped rounds of chevre with plum brandy & peppercorns

CASHEL BLUE Fruity and mildly salty Irish blue from County Tipperary

CHAORCE Soft-ripened rounds of cow’s milk cheese. Chalky when young and oozy with age

FISCALINI 18MO CHEDDAR Bandage-wrapped and cave aged for incredible flavor (Modesto, CA)

FROMAGER d’AFFINOIS The brie-like bloomy rind encases a rich, oozy double creme

IDIAZABAL Raw sheep cheese from the Spanish Basque. Chimney aging gives a slightly smoky finish.

MIMOLETTE Resembles a cantaloupe, tastes mild and nutty with a rich finish

MORBIER LAIT CRU Classic French cheese traditionally made from raw morning and evening milk

NOORD HOLLANDER Rich, crystalline Dutch gouda aged 5+ years

PECORINO CROTONESE Aged sheep’s milk cheese from Sardinia, Italy

TILSTON POINT BLUE A washed-rind blue with a grainy texture and a nutty flavor.

See you at the market!

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