Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Thursday 7/1/10 at the North Park Farmer's Market

It's time for the long holiday weekend and this is the best market in town to stock up early for entertaining. We'll have a few of the tasty new American cheeses in advance of our All-American Cheese Fest. So, if you can't join us Saturday, be sure to get to North Park tomorrow afternoon for some tasty American (and other) cheese!

BOSCHETTO AL TARTUFO Mixed milk (sheep/cow) cheese with white truffles
BLUE d’AUVERGNE Salty, creamy and mildly piquant French blue
CABECOU FEUILLE Leaf-wrapped rounds of chevre with plum brandy & peppercorns
CABOT CLOTHBOUND CHEDDAR One of our all-time favorite cheddars. Won ACS Best in Show in 2008! (Waterbury Center, VT)
CASHEL BLUE Fruity and mildly salty Irish blue from County Tipperary
CHAORCE Soft-ripened rounds of cow’s milk cheese. Chalky when young and oozy with age
DANTE Firm seasonal ewe’s milk cheese from award-winning Wisconsin Sheep Co-op. (River Falls, WI)
FROMAGER d’AFFINOIS The brie-like bloomy rind encases a rich, oozy double creme
HUMBOLDT FOG MINI’S The same great cheese you know, but in 1lb rounds sold whole or halved (Arcata, CA)
MORBIER LAIT CRU Classic French cheese traditionally made from raw morning and evening milk
NOORD HOLLANDER Rich, crystalline Dutch gouda aged 5+ years
PIAVE VECCHIO Hard, tangy cow’s milk cheese from Italy’s Veneto region
PURPLE HAZE Soft chevre blended with lavender & fennel pollen (Arcata, CA)
TOMME d’SAVOIE Full-flavored cheese from the Savoie Mountains; made from raw skim milk.
WINCHESTER JALAPEƑO GOUDA Sharp and spicy raw Gouda from Winchester Cheese (Winchester, CA - near Temecula)

See you in North Park!

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