Wednesday, May 5, 2010

This week’s North Park Market Selection

Week two of being at the Thursday market in North Park. We think it's going to get better every week and we hope you'll come help in that effort. Here's what we have lined up for this week...

BUCHERON Tangy French goat cheese with a bloomy rind. Great with a drizzle of your favorite honey.

PIAVE VECCHIO Hard cow’s milk cheese from Italy’s Veneto region. A great cheese for a spring picnic!

PILOTA Semi-firm cheese made from a blend of sheep & cow’s milk. From French Pyrenees region.

SILVER MOUNTAIN CHEDDAR We’re excited to introduce this excellent American cheddar from Bravo Farms in Traver, CA. It won gold at the ’08 ACS contest.

BLACK BUTTE RESERVE From Pedroza Farm in Central, CA, the is an excellent seasonal cheese made from raw cow’s milk.

Rich and full-flavored, this is one of favorite Alpine cheeses for snacking, mac-n-cheese and grilled-cheese sandwiches.

BEEMSTER XO A customer favorite, this Dutch cow’s milk Gouda is amazing with great butterscotch flavors and nice crystallization.

STILTON From one of England’s finest producers – Long Clawson, this is truly a classic Stilton with a piquant bite and a rich, creamy texture.

POINT REYES BLUE From Point Reyes Station near San Francisco, this raw cow’s milk blue is tangy and sharp - an American original!

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