Wednesday, May 19, 2010

AdamsAvenue FM - 5/19/10

This week the Adams Ave market moves to a NEW LOCATION at 4721 35th Street, south of Adams Ave. at the Elementary School. Same time - 3-7pm. Come out and support this new market and help it grow into one of San Diego's best!!

Here's the selection we're bringing out...

FLORETTE Soft-ripened, lush d’Affinois rounds made from tangy goat’s milk
BUCHERON Soft-ripened French goat. Excellent with a drizzle of honey.
CHAORCE Soft-ripened rounds made from pasteurized cow’s milk. Chalky & rich!
LA SERENA Spanish torta made from raw ewe’s milk & cardoon thistle
ANDANTE ETUDE Tasty hard goat - another Andante winner! (Petaluma, CA)
BELLWETHER CARMODY Tangy semi-firm cow’s milk cheese! (Sonoma County, CA)
RLM CANTAL (AOC) One of France’s best cheeses, rarely available in the US
MIMOLETTE Resembles a cantaloupe, tastes mild and nutty with a rich finish
TOMME de SAVOIE Rustic French cheese with earthy, mushroom flavors
PARMIGIANO REGGIANO The real deal…DOP Parmigiano Reggiano!
BOSCHETTO AL TARTUFO Mixed milk (sheep/cow) cheese with white truffles
WINCHESTER JALAPEƑO GOUDA From Winchester Cheese (near Temecula)
FOURME d’AMBERT Fruity, salty, creamy French blue. A customer fave!
SHROPSHIRE BLUE The annatto herb gives this classic Stilton its orange hue
SHREDDED BLEND A shredded mix of 20+ different cheeses.

See you there!

Mary & George

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