Friday, February 13, 2009

Mary's new favorite cheese

Almost daily, I'm asked by a customer or two what my favorite cheese is. I generally say something flip like 'what does it matter what I like - it's you we need to please!'.

When pressed for an answer, my favorite - I mean ABSOLUTE favorite, is really ripe camembert. Generally, I would say that meaning French camembert, I mean, is there really any other kind? As it turns out, yes there is. We just discovered it last week and it's from a surprising locale - Tasmania, to be exact.

Tasmanian Heritage Camembert. It's won international awards over the past few years and is just now becoming available. It's insane. In fact, I'm gonna go out on a limb and say it's the best darn camembert I've tried.

So, I guess my new favorite cheese is not just ripe camembert, it's ripe Tasmanian camembert. Wonders never cease.


tastegrader said...

Love your blog which I found out about on! Wish I could come to your classes--they sound fabulous, but alas, I live in Michigan. If you've got cheeses or products that are available on-line, please consider adding them to my website,, the new specialty food review website.

Mary and George Palmer said...

Thanks for the feedback - you're very kind. At this point though, we're focused on our shop. We do ship occasionally but it's generally by special request. If that changes though, I'll definitely connect with you about extendind our reach via your website.