Thursday, March 19, 2009

A couple new favorites...

Le Wavreumont - tasted this beauty at the Fancy Food Show in San Francisco this year. Love at first bite! Now admittedly, I'm a washed rind ho, but I wasn't the only one wowed by this raw cow's milk cheese from Mark Rosen at Fromagerie des Ardennes. A subtle, sweet aroma grows to aromatic and slightly funky. The strong flavor profile reminds one of Chimay, nutty and meaty, but with a sweet finish instead of bitter. And that finish is long...Yumm!

Blu di Langa - Does Mary take some mouth-watering photos or what? This new blue from the Piemonte region is one creamy, unctuous cheese. From Alta Langa, producers of La Tur and Robiola Bosina, this is a mixed milk cheese using cow, sheep and goat. Mild and runny, this will definitely appeal to those who think they don't like blue cheese, while providing that mixed milk richness that will please card carrying blueheads as well.

And just for fun, here's a shot of what we do in our spare time in the shop...cheese Pac Man!

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