Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Point (Well) Taken

One of our most popular domestic blues at Taste is from Northern California. Point Reyes Blue first hit the market about 8 years ago and from the first, it was a hit. Given the credentials of the cheese maker – Monty McIntyre, of Iowa’s Maytag Blue fame – it’s no surprise. Salty, tangy and slightly sour, Point Reyes is a truly great blue.

In the shop, I’ve mostly recommended it as ‘a great salad cheese’ because it pairs so well with simple olive oil/balsamic vinegar (or saba!) dressings. However, a customer recently turned me on to its compatibility with tooth-stainer, big reds like Zinfandels and California Cabernets. After extensive research of my own, I’ve found that it is indeed a great ‘wine cheese’ for the same reasons that make it great for salads – it’s strong enough to handle the acidic vinegar flavors AND the tannic, over-the-top fruit/alcohol of many zins and cabs. So try this excellent cheese as part of your salad course AND as part of your pre-dessert cheese course.

After you do, I think you’ll say…point WELL taken!

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